Posting Rules & Guidelines

Forum Posting Rules & Guidelines

  • We all prefer to be treated with respect and ask that everyone on the forum extends that courtesy to others (including your hosts).
  • The UK has very strict libel laws; please make sure your posts cannot be construed as libel.
  • Mind your language. We are a forum for adults but we believe the English language has enough words with which to express yourself without resorting to profanities.
  • Only one account per person. It is important for everyone to know to whom they are speaking.
  • Please do not use the Wallingford Piper name elsewhere without prior permission.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete posts as we see fit. Moderator decisions are final and will not be discussed. Offenders may be given a temporary or permanent ban. All content placed on the site by you is placed there voluntarily and becomes part of the community.
Beg Borrow Sell Steal Guidelines
  • Wallingford Piper does not accept liability or responsibility for “Beg Borrow Sell Steal” transactions – they are private transactions between individuals.
  • “Beg Borrow Sell Steal” is only for private transactions. If you are a business or vendor, please use the Wallingford Business Group to advertise your items.
  • Only sell items that are in your possession, and make sure your post contains all relevant information such as price, description of items and condition, and pictures where possible.
  • Legal and decent items only please.
  • No items with an expiration date or livestock.
  • Wallingford Piper does not endorse the sale of any goods whether new or second hand that are full or partial copies of designs that are protected by others.
Tradesman Review Guidelines
  • If you do not have anything nice to say, then please say nothing at all.  Any reviews that could be construed as defamatory or libelous will be removed without notice.
  • Please review the posting guidelines here.
Vendor/Business Posting Guidelines
  • We welcome local businesses in our community groups, and have excellent advertising opportunities that can be found here.
  • Please do not use the main community groups to advertise your products. The Local Businesses Group has been created specifically for that purpose. You can post in there once a week about your business.
  • If you have any questions about what you should and should not post, please contact us!