With a little help from Pipers…

I did it!! My first ever “fundraiser”.  Well, it was a mini-fundraiser in the grand scheme of things, but it went SO WELL!!

I love Wallingford… this sleepy little market town I live in is pretty awesome.  There is such a good community spirit here and I don’t think I ever want to live anywhere else ever again.

We moved down here for Ava’s sake.  At 8 months old, Ava became a Wallingford resident.  Seren and Violet will always be Wallingford girls, and it’s lovely to think they will have such strong roots – such a strong bond with the area.

As most of you know, Seren has Down’s syndrome and we are raising some much needed funds for Down’s syndrome Oxford (DSO).  The funds we raise will be going directly to pay for the service that Seren (and all the other kids) receive.  Seren has access to weekly get togethers and something called “Early Development Groups” which teaches us how to teach Seren; shows us how to get the best out of her.  With the help of DSO we hope to prepare Seren for school and hope she will be successful in a mainstream setting.  All any of us ever want is for our children to get the best education and the best start in life. Our ambitions for Seren are the same, it’s just that she will need a bit of extra help.  All children in Oxfordshire who have Down’s syndrome have access to DSO and the support continues through to adulthood.


 Anyway – thanks to this community and Wallingford Piper, I got to meet Emma.  She has just started a new business called Pretty Tea’s (or look her up on facebook: Pretty Teas).   Emma kindly agreed to lend me her tea service to host a lovely tea party in my garden.  I invited a few friends (and so did Emma) and the Piper community kicked in.  Even though some people couldn’t come, cakes were baked and dropped off and donations were made.  In the end we managed to smash my £100 target and we raised £220!!!



I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.  I am so grateful to everyone who got involved. 

Thank you everyone who helped or came or baked cakes.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!




Now it appears the next fundraiser is in the pipeline… Susan, the owner of Mary Handy Hair & Beauty has very kindly agreed to hold a fundraiser in her salon… at the minute we think it will be held on Sunday 14th October so keep the date free!!!  Children’s haircuts will be involved (amongst other things) I will keep you posted!

I love Wallingford & I love Piper…

If you have yet to find us on facebook, please join us! Click on this link or search for Wallingford Piper.

 Or, if you would like to donate to DSO or fundraise, please get in touch with me directly or donate here on my Just Giving page x




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