The Thrifty Stork – a new boutique for the Mum-to-be and new Mums

Sometimes I see an idea and wonder why I didn’t come up with it myself… Having gone through 3 pregnancies, I really wish Katie and her boutique had been around for me when I was preggers!  Here is a little bit on what Katie does:

The Thrifty Stork – a new boutique for the Mum-to-be and new Mums

 The Thrifty Stork is a new boutique in Goring stocking high quality maternity wear for the stylish Mum-to-be. Katie Sharpe’s personal experience of the hassle of searching for a flattering maternity dress for a special occasion led to the birth of The Thrifty Stork. She says: ‘What a joy it would have been to pop to a boutique and try on multiple items. Many of the loveliest maternity designs only sell in London boutiques or online so it’s hard to make comparisons between designs. And they are pricey, considering we will wear the items so briefly.’

 To address both issues, she stocks a selection of pre-owned and also beautiful new designer occasion, business and casual wear at high street prices, and you can try them on and compare rather than just hoping for a flattering fit.  She invites you to make an appointment to visit, with evening and weekend slots to accommodate busy diaries.

 Katie is also ready to turn your unneeded maternity items into cash. She is currently seeking quality maternity brands such as Tiffany Rose, Attesa, Isabella Oliver, Noppies etc. which she will sell for you on a commission basis. You can contact Katie Sharpe on (01491) 871749 or (07934) 603177.

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