Mary Handy Hairdressers – going the extra mile…

“Another hairdressers?!?” was the general response to the arrival of Mary Handy’s hairdressers up on the crossroads.  Yes, another one.  I must admit though, I was drawn to it.  Red, gold and black with a huge chandelier – it immediately made the other hairdressers in Wallingford look slightly erm, insipid?

So I went in and booked my first haircut in over a year.  I got to meet “Mary Handy” who owns the salon, but is actually called Susan.  She has named the salon after her mum.  Susan (I am sure she wont mind me saying) is slightly bonkers – but in a really lovely way.  She is fun, full of energy and very enthusiastic about her salon.  Ava and Seren were treated to biscuits before I had even got round to booking my haircut, and I was offered a drink.  Susan has this tiny little dog called Mr. Handy that Ava loved.  Mr. Handy goes everywhere with Susan… so if you see her out and about, have a look at her handbag as it will more than likely contain a miniature dog.  The salon itself has been styled to the max; the teaspoons are gold, the telephone on the reception desk is antique and the reclining chair you sit in to have your hair washed is a back massaging one.  Make sure you go to the toilet while you are there, even that is an experience!

Anyway, I really enjoyed my first cut and style…. I got a complimentary hand massage from Frankie and was really pleased with the cut I got from Susan.  I left feeling relaxed and invigorated.  Not being a girly girl or having much time to myself though, I wondered when I would next be able to go – I was heavily pregnant with Violet at the time and time-off with 3 kids was going to be hard.

So imagine my surprise when I got a phone call a few days ago to ask me if I would like a complimentary haircut?!  At first I wondered what the catch was – after all, things like this don’t happen to me.  It was for real though – no strings attached, a complimentary haircut as I had been one of the first customers of the new salon.  Lovely.

Off I went this morning… and was treated to my hand massage again and this time I even got to put my feet in a lovely foot spa while Linsey cut my hair.  I must say, Susan has definitely got her customer service down to a fine art.  What a lovely thing to do for someone!!  When Linsey had finished cutting my hair, they appeared with a bunch of flowers and a card to congratulate me on the arrival of my newest baby! I was rendered quite speechless… such a personal touch that it has both shocked me and put me in such a good mood for the day that I practically skipped back to the car. Thank you Susan, Linsey and Frankie!!

So, another hairdressers?  YES!! It’s the kind of hairdressers I have been waiting for without even realising it.  Go on, give it a go… you have nothing to lose and with a loyalty card and referral system in place to save you money on your cuts, you will probably find yourself counting down the days until your next visit.  I know I am.



  1. indigobird says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Helen! I needed a hair cut when I read this, so I booked myself an appointment right away. I had to take my 2 year old along with me which I have never done before. I get kind of nervous about hairdressers as I’ve had some bad experiences in the past, Susan put me completely at ease. I even braved a change of style which is rather unlike me! 🙂 My daughter enjoyed herself too, and everyone was very accommodating. She really enjoyed sticking little stickers all over my feet while they were being massaged! The service was wonderful, the coffee was lovely, the haircut looked great, I felt pampered and relaxed even though I was looking after a small person at the same time… so all in all I think it is safe to say I’ll be a repeat customer! Thanks!

  2. Gemma Day says:

    I visited Mary Handy (or Handy Mary as my baby brain keeps referring to it) recently following Helen’s post above. Having left husband home alone with the girls (or, as it transpired, driving around Wallingford trying to get the girls to sleep) I was looking forward to a relaxing hour of trash mags and pampering. I was not disappointed (although I did not really get round to the mags given the lovely chit chat with Susan). Mary Handy is indeed a very glamorous salon but even in my washed out ac/dc t-shirt I did not feel out of place. Frankie and Susan provided a very warm welcome and excellent latte. Susan quickly sussed out that I was in need of a change and gave me the confidence to go for a major re-style. I emerged about an hour later with massaged hands and feet and a cool haircut incorporating my first fringe in about 24 years. I will be visiting again and would recommend that others looking for a change of hairdresser (and change of style) do so too.

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