Accessible “Event Management” for EVERYONE!

Accessible Event Management for EVERYONE!

I am not kidding either.  To be honest, I always thought you had to be rich or have a huge event to organise to even need to consider event management as a solution to your organisational woes, but I was wrong.

Two local ladies Edina and Claire are revolutionising the party and event scene in Oxfordshire and it is to the benefit of anyone and everyone, even the smaller events like mine was.

I was Christening my third and final daughter and we decided to do it DIY style to keep costs down.  We were inviting significantly fewer people too, so once the date for the Christening was confirmed I set about looking for a venue.  Sadly the only one that was left was (in all honesty) the ugliest room in town.

Christenings being Christenings, I knew I would have to be up at crazy o’clock to make all the food, then schlep it over to the hall at still-crazy-o’clock because I had to collect the key to open the room.  Then I would have to set everything up, chuck a couple of decorations around, rush back home, change, rush to the Church for the ceremony, then rush back over to the hall to ensure I was first there, then chuck everyone out, then clear up.  E.X.H.A.U.S.T.I.N.G.  and not at all enjoyable.

Then I came across Edina & Claire aka Team Bubbles.  These two ladies are wonderful in ways I can’t even explain… but let me try.

Team Bubbles Facebook page, click here

We met weeks before the Christening and they asked how much involvement I wanted from them.  I wanted to keep costs down so I sourced the decorations, food, cutlery etc myself.  I decided to get Tesco to deliver all the food to my house the night before, my mother-in-law made the Christening cake, and I did a trip to Makro for plates, cutlery, table cloths etc and I borrowed decorations from friends.  Edina and Claire were going to make up all the food and decorate the room for me though, so immediately a huge chunk of the stress of my day was removed.

Edina and Claire suggested we meet at the room together to decide the plan of action and discuss layout and decorations – I am not very good with stuff like that so I was happy to follow their lead.

On the day, they met me at the room, I literally dumped my stuff with them, took a backwards glance at the horror of the dull surroundings and awful orange curtains and left to get ready.  It was 8am at this point.  I went home, got dressed, hung out with my guests until it was time to go to the Church and was sitting in my seat in the Church at 10am. After the service we walked over to the room and I was gobsmacked.

It isn’t often that people go the extra mile, but my goodness, Edina and Claire did!! The room had been decorated and very thoughtfully laid out, bunting zigzagged the room, it was perfect.  Edina had bought her own table coverings, the ladies had (as a surprise for me) got pretty fresh flowers for the tables – each little vase sitting on a mirror. The serving plates weren’t my mis-matched ones that I had brought for them to use, but rather lovely glass ones.  All the food had been prepared and Claire had even popped to the shop for some veg crudités because I had forgotten to order them on my shop.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t even notice the orange curtains any more they had done such a fantastic job!

While the guests were there, Edina and Claire beavered away in the background – they literally didn’t stop.  Cake was offered round, drinks refilled – I felt like I was getting the exact sort of service that the rich and famous would get from event management and I am just a normal person, having a small Christening in a local village hall room with around 50 guests!

When the guests had left it was clean up time.  Claire and Edina didn’t slow down – everything was cleaned up, hovered, wiped and done within an hour.  My husband and I helped out, because we wanted to, but the ladies would have done it by themselves.

I can’t even begin to tell you what a complete revelation this kind of service is.  Edina and Claire created Team Bubbles after spending a lot of time organising fundraisers for their local school in Warborough.  They have extensive experience of huge events, and every event for them is treated individually and they tailor their provision in line with what the customer wants.  I can’t fault them, and I would definitely suggest you get in touch with the ladies if you are thinking of organising any kind of event – be it a birthday party, Christening, private celebration, fundraiser or even a wedding.  Let the ladies work their magic and take the stress out of the organisation! Team Bubbles make this kind of support accessible to us “normal” people now too!! No event is too small, as my Christening proved, but the service is still absolutely top notch.

Thank you ladies!

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